Sad Kitty Kat

This is me pondering why we haven’t gotten further along. Ruminating. I ruminate. Our bus is parked so far from home that we hardly get out there to work on it. It’s been 14 months, and it’s hard to see it like this, unchanged from visit to visit. I know if it were nearby it would be done, or mostly, because we were really having a lot of fun with it when we were able to park it at the Home Depot 10 minutes away, or able to pull it up in front of our place here and there, really enjoying the sweat equity. Sometimes I feel depressed about not being close to this girl (is she a girl? LOL). I sometimes think about selling her and starting over when we no longer live in an HOA (Vin isn’t keen on that idea). I also consider using her as a moving truck.

We desperately want out of California. For many, many reasons. Crime (holy potatoes… it has gone craaaazy!), stupid laws, overcrowding, unaffordability, a desire to be closer to extended family, being able to live in a place where the kids have their own rooms, brushfires for half the year, soaring gas prices, mandates. Mandates! As a Libertarian I desperately cling to bodily autonomy. Vaccinations will be Up To Us. We’re vaxxed. Because we chose it. Will we get boosters? Not if they’re being forced. That’s some pretty extreme overreach. The government is not in control of our bodies.

I’m trying to motivate some action by making a post. Making a post is action, yes? Also trying to decide what easy things we can do to feel like we’re getting somewhere.

The floor? We can throw down some insulation and ply pretty easily.

The windows? We need to decide our method of deletion. Are we taking some out and replacing with metal? Or just insulating the ones we don’t want and covering from the inside? We need to decide for sure which ones we’re keeping so we can reseal them with butyl tape. I don’t think I posted anything here about taking them all out to clean them. That must’ve been on Instagram. I may try to catch up and post some of the IG stuff here, probably after Christmas when there’s more time.

I started to make a loo. That’ll be in the next post.

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