Tiki Take-a-Leaki

Since we can’t be at the bus all the time and I needed to get something done, I started building a loo at home. It’ll fit in my car, and it’ll fit through the bus doors. I literally had no idea what I was doing, but figured that as a carpenter’s daughter I’d sort it out.

I’m not sure how I’ll finish the inside. There will have to be some kind of box on the left to contain horse bedding pellets (the stuff we use in our litter boxes, so why not in a compost toilet?) or peat moss.

I don’t know where the photo of the loo with the front panel on it went, but you’ll see it later when it’s finished. The top will probably be dyed with blue Unicorn Spit. The front was initially going to be done in strips of bamboo, but now I’m thinking I may just cover it in grass mat and seal it in a way that the cats won’t think it’s a scratching post. I made some decorative strips of wood, Enchanted Tiki Room style…

Might end up being pretty fun.

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